Parquet Floor Fitting

Give your home a timeless feeling by getting parquet floor fittings.

Unique Finishes

Create unique colors and finishes that are suitable for your interior.


We offer stress-free installation of parquet flooring fitting and maintenance.


We play every promise made by us to our customer


We offer all solutions under one roof from installation and sanding to polishing.


We offer the best parquet floor fitting in the UK. Now, your parquet floor will be designed on your terms. At Whitton Flooring, we have the best team who are experts in their work. It is therefore the cause for great discussion among your guests due to the “wow” factors that we are able to incorporate into the design of your Parquet Floor System.

Parquetry Finishes

We offer a range of high-performing coatings and beautiful fitting for your parquetry flooring.

First Choice

Whitton flooring comes as a customer's first choice for parquet floor fittings.

End-To-End Work

We take the important steps to ensure you the perfect parquetry floor.